Search Engine Optimization

If you build it … will they come?

“I thought we’d see more traffic.”

We’ve observed a common pattern over the years: We help our clients to launch their website. It is both rewarding and exhausting for everyone involved. Some of our clients then walk away, hoping their new site will run on autopilot (and a few of them do). Other clients dutifully update their site with new and fresh content. At about the six month mark, however, everyone begins to notice the same thing—especially if they’re watching site analytics. There just aren’t as many people coming to the website as they expected. Word never really got around like they hoped. We built it … but they didn’t come.

This isn’t always the case. Sometimes we launch our clients’ site as part of a specific marketing campaign. We didn’t just build it—we built it and told people about it in a compelling way that reached them—and then, yes … they did come. But that is the unfortunate exception to the rule. More often, our clients approach us for help with their brand. Launching a new website is part of their branding (or rebranding) execution. Our clients then sit back and wait for customers to come … but they don’t.

Having a great (i.e. beautiful, powerful, strategic, effective) website does you no good if people don’t use it. And how will they use it if they cannot find it? There are, of course, numerous marketing channels for exposing potential customers and clients to your website. Organic search traffic is only one means of acquiring interested leads. Increasingly, however, it is an avenue you cannot afford to ignore. Right now, potential customers are online searching for products and services that you offer … are they finding your website?

What We Do

Alliant SEO Services

Basic SEO

When you think of Search Engine Optimization, the following services are typically what you have in mind — with good reason. These services form the backbone of any responsible search strategy.

Keyword Research

Are you targeting the most strategic keywords for search?

Strategic Keywords Are

  • Relevant & important to your organization
  • Sufficient in volume (enough people are using those words or phrases in their searches for the services you provide)
  • Low organic difficulty (this is a competition you can win) OR Low advertising competition (this is an ad space you can afford to buy)

We want to ensure we’re targeting the right keywords before we invest time optimizing your site for those keywords. You have a number of assumptions up front about the words and phrases potential clients are searching for online. Those assumptions need to be confirmed or challenged with data.

Alliant’s keyword research involves using tools such as Google Trends, Google AdWords Planner, & Moz Keyword Difficulty to generate keyword options and determine their respective search volume and difficulty. We will make recommendations on 5–10 terms (words or phrases) you should pursue in your ongoing SEO strategy.

On-Page Optimization

Are your pages optimized to reflect your targeted keywords?
Are they optimized in terms of Quality & Quantity of content?

On-Page Optimization Focus

  • Page Title
  • Meta Description
  • Page Headings
  • Page Content

The next step in an SEO plan is to optimize the page content for your site around the strategic keywords established in the first stage. This involves identifying the key “landing pages” that searchers are likely to end up at (hint: it usually isn’t your home page) and working progressively from the most strategic landing pages to the least.

Monitoring & Reporting

Do you know how many people are coming to your website, what got them there, and what they do when they arrive?

You cannot manage what you do not measure. Therefore, Search Engine Optimization necessarily begins with setting up the right tools to measure the right analytics for your website.

Google Analytics is, of course, the gold standard for measuring website performance — particularly in conjunction with Google Webmaster Tools. And while Alliant sets up these two resources automatically for all clients who host with us — making sense of the overwhelming wealth of data in these tools is the real magic. Moreover, in addition to Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools, we often recommend Moz Pro, Moz Local, and Crazy Egg Heatmapping to get a fuller picture of your client (and potential client) behavior online.

Alliant works with you to determine the analytics and goals that matter to you most and sets up a system of reporting those analytics to you on a regular basis.

Local SEO

Search engines are increasingly able to match local searches with local businesses — even searches without specific geographic cues in them. Search engines rely on several known resources to make these matches, and there are strategies to help them match searches nearby with your local busines — so that local searchers find your business first.

Digital Directories & Aggregators

Are you using directory resources designed to point local clients to your services?

When someone searches online for a local business, search engines, digital directories, and many mobile apps rely on location data from four primary aggregators to provide search results:

  • Infogroup
  • Neustar Localeze
  • Acxiom
  • Factual

If listing data is incorrect or inconsistent between these data sources, your listing might not show up in the search results.
Alliant uses data management software to push correct, consistent location information for your business listings to all of these data sources.

Google ‘My Business’ (Formerly Google+)

Are you taking advantage of the ‘unfair’ advantage Google gives to its own social-media platform?

Google looks at engagement on your Google ‘My Business’ page as one of the factors used to rank your business in local search results. Ironically, one of the best ways to direct Google traffic to your website is to treat your Google page as if you don’t have a website. You should write copy that assumes potential clients will use only the Google ecosystem and never end up on your website. Think of your Google page as the primary resource prospective customers will to use to make a decision about whether or not to do business with you.

In this phase, Alliant will work with Mosaic to create and verify a Google ‘My Business’ page and populate it with content true to your organization and targeted to your strategic keywords.

Online Reviews

Are you regularly receiving positive online reviews for the services you provide?

Reviews are used both by Google & real people to make quick decisions about prioritizing options. Generate positive reviews through your Google My Business Page and through Yelp. You should focus on both quantity—at least 10 reviews and the most recent 10 should have positive sentiment—and also velocity (how frequently the reviews come in).

While Alliant cannot generate nor solicit reviews for you, we will work with you to develop a plan for soliciting positive reviews from you existing client base.

Advanced SEO

Content marketing & link building are the real heavy hitters of SEO. If you want to see dramatic and sustained results in page ranking for organic search, you will likely need to employ some combination of content marketing & link building. Unfortunately, there are no real shortcuts here. Both require significant investments in time, energy, and resources to produce results.

Content Marketing

Is your website the premier resource for people interested in your products or services?

Content marketing is critical to SEO. You must make a commitment to produce and publish content to your website and/or blog on a regular basis and share that content through social media channels. The content should be educational, entertaining, or simply value-added instead of sales-based. Build a content marketing strategy that will make your website the premier resource for your industry.

Alliant’s Content Strategy consulting services involve developing the necessary internal plan and allocating resources to produce the content that your clients are looking for. This involves creating an editorial calendar and setting up the writing and editorial workflow necessary to ensure content is regularly produced and published. When internal resources are insufficient, an effective content strategy may involve hiring freelance writers or licensing content.

Off-Page SEO (organic link-building)

Are you actively creating a dense network of links to and from valuable content?

Don’t wait for local organizations (non-profits, Chambers of Commerce, trade groups, etc), local partners (suppliers, distributors, vendors), and local media entities (including influential bloggers) to find you and (hopefully) link to you. Request links or find ways to contribute content (written, visual, video) to the link partner site in return for a link (either embedded in the content, through an author byline, or as part of a partner page).

At present, Alliant is not available for ongoing link-building campaigns. We can, however, provide you with consulting services to begin an internal link building campaign. This involves understanding the basic strategies and techniques necessary to successfuly solicit links within the influential online community.

What Does It Look Like?

Alliant SEO Packages

Local SEO Startup

“Let’s give this thing a push in the right direction at minimal cost and see how far it gets us.”

You just built a website and you don’t have a lot of money to invest in SEO right now. Nor do you even understand what you’re spending money on and whether it is a wise investment. You know you aren’t seeing the local traffic you expected. What can you do at minimal cost to see a reasonable improvement and start to wrap your head around what you’re spending and why?

Included Services
  • Local SEO directories & aggregators
  • Google My Business page
  • Basic Monitoring & Reporting
  • Six month strategic review

One-Time: $4,800
Ongoing: $150/month

On-Page SEO Startup

“Let’s build a targeted search strategy.”

You have a specific audience in mind and want to connect them to specific conversion-optimized landing pages.

Included Services
  • Keyword Research
  • On-page Optimization for 5 landing pages
  • Advanced Monitoring & Reporting
  • Strategic on-page adjustments
  • Six month strategic review

One-Time: $6,000
Ongoing: $400/month

Full SEO Startup

“Let’s do this right the first time and build progressively from there.”

You know the value of traffic to your site and you’re prepared to invest the necessary resources to drive potential clients to specific landing pages.

Included Services
  • Keyword Research
  • On-page Optimization for 5 landing pages
  • Advanced Monitoring & Reporting
  • Strategic on-page adjustments
  • Local SEO directories & aggregators
  • Google My Business page
  • Online Review Consultation
  • Six month strategic review

One-Time: $10,000
Ongoing: $550/month

AdWords Campaign

“We’re willing to pay for site traffic now.”

A wise digital marketing strategy is to pay for site traffic to increase your initial visibility (the short game). You will gain insight over time on who is coming to your website and how they are behaving and converting (or not). In time, you can begin replacing that recurring advertising cost with organic search engine optimization (the long game).

Alliant’s fee for managing AdWords campaigns begins at $250 / month, and we recommend a minimum advertisiving budget of $250 /month. Therefore, your minimum cost for an AdWords campaign through Alliant would be $500 / month. If you do not have an established baseline for traffic to your site, we recommend beginning at the minimum level ($500 / month). Each month we will provide you a report with opportunities to adjust your campaing (e.g. increase overall spending, adjust keywords, adjust ad campaigns, etc.)

One-Time: $450

Ongoing: $500+/month


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