The Pros and Cons of WordPress Page Builders: Making the Right Choice for Your Website

In the world of WordPress, page builders have emerged as powerful tools for creating stunning websites without the need for expensive on-site technical staff or off-site contractors. These tools market themselves with maximum flexibility, allowing users to design custom layouts and add diverse elements with ease. But are page builders too good to be true? Yes and no. Let’s get into it.

What are page builders?

Essentially, they’re plugins or built-in features that enable drag-and-drop functionality for designing web pages. Popular WordPress page builders, such as Divi and Elementoroffer extensive customization options.

The selling point of most page builders is that they are the perfect solution for every industry—yes, every industryA single-page site, a small site, a corporate site, an online store, etc., etc., etcyou name it, it’s all in there. Page builders are especially handy if you have a dedicated web expert on staff. If you don’t have that resource on staff, however, the entire venture becomes a bit more challenging.

Maintaining your companys visual standards is not easy

Web designers and developers are taught to maintain a consistent look and feel across a website. Although this task appears easy, it can be incredibly difficult with page builders. Each element may need manual adjustment, leading to inconsistencies. Moreover, their interfaces can be overwhelming for non-technical types, requiring time and effort to master.

Employee turnover exacerbates these issues. When a new hire must learn an entirely new software suite, it disrupts workflow and productivity. This problem is compounded in small businesses where web management is often a part-time responsibility.

We have a Solution

Alliant understands these challenges. That’s why we’ve developed our in-house page builder, combining the freedom of popular builders like Elementor and Divi with the ability to maintain consistent branding effortlessly. Our solutions are designed to be user-friendly, making website management a breeze for your team. By choosing the right tool for your website needs, you can ensure your customers always see the correct up to date information, while minimizing maintenance headaches. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our WordPress solutions.


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