Pez Says … No More

For the loyal fans of our previous site, you may be saddened to discover the lack of our featured, “Pez says” column. If you drop by the office (we love guests) you’ll be cheered to see the Pez collection is alive and well and threatening to consume our office like kudzu. Nevertheless, we felt that […]


No Shoes, No Shirt, Some Problems

Remember the old saying “the shoe maker’s son has no shoes”? Well we don’t make shoes, but can apply that saying to this place. We have always worked hard to serve our clients – keeping busy making shoes for others while either going barefoot or wearing an old pair of sneakers. So finally, after much […]


Alliant Honored in 2012

The year 2012 smiled on Alliant Studios (at least if awards are any indication of favor). The Davey Awards, a prestigious competition for the “Davids” of creativity (Big idea. Little rock.), honored the USO Annual Report with a GOLD award. The American Graphic Design Awards highlighted our crafted logos for Posh Production, Pie Sisters, and Generosity Feeds 1:4:1 respectively, in addition to a NeatHeat Conference Poster. The year continued to hold renown as Alliant was recognized again for the modern and classy Pie Sisters Identity in the HOW International Design Awards, ultimately showcased in the 2013 Awards Annual.


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