How Alliant Cares for your Website

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Alliant Studios not only designs and custom develops websites for our clients, we also offer Web Care. Web Care is our vision of what web hosting should be for professionally built and managed websites. Most hosting plans put much of the management responsibility of the site on the owners themselves. If anything goes wrong with a website, typically the support teams for these mammoth providers will rarely help in a timely fashion if they even offer any help at all.

There is tremendous risk using a budget host for a website that is the online face of a business. A poorly secured site is vulnerable to malware that can tank an online reputation. Developing new online leads with a hacked website is difficult if not impossible.

What is Alliant Studios Web Care?

Our approach to website management and hosting provides so much more than a budget host. Web Care is a complete site management and reputation solution.

Website Health

  • Backups – We back up your site every day and keep back ups for 90 days. We also offer hourly backups if requested.
  • Security – Alliant scans websites daily for malware, SPAM, reputation and vulnerabilities.
  • Uptime – When a website goes down we know about it right away and start to resolve the downtime immediately.
  • Updates – Included daily updates to core files, themes and plugins.

Included Perks

  • SSL CertificateEnd to end encryption powered by Let’s Encrypt. Moreover, certificates automatically renew every 2 months for enhanced SSL reputation.
  • JPG/PNG to WebP Image Creation and Management – This new lightweight image type will be widely supported by September 2020. Learn more about how Alliant handles WebP Image Creation and Management.
  • Hosted on a VPS running HTTP/2 – Much faster load times compared to budget grid hosting providers.
  • Logged email delivery – All website form submissions are handled by a 3rd party sender. While we cannot see the contents of form submissions, we can track delivery status, errors, opens and clicks.

Optional Perks

  • CDN – Alliant will set up a CDN of your choice and make sure it’s compatible with our servers.
  • Dedicated IP and Server – If you require that your site has a dedicated IP address, then Alliant will set your site up on a dedicated server.

We also offer hosting that has included hours that can be used for development, design tweaks and provided content updates. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about Alliant Web Care.


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