The Corporate Shift to Teleworking

Working on a computer

2020 has been a big year to say the least. The world is experiencing a global pandemic that cancelled a lot of plans, and altered the way we go about our everyday lives. Teleworking is the new normal for many businesses in the age of covid-19.

Statistics show that about half of the working adult population is now working from home. We traded our cubicles for couches and conference meetings for Zoom calls. Although this working environment is not ideal for everyone, it’s a way to keep our economy moving forward during this stand-still pandemic.

Teleworking creates many pros and cons to productivity in today’s workforce. 

Pros include: No commute for employees, not as much money spent on office space, and fewer breaks are taken, which can increase productivity. Not only is a no-stress commute great for mental health, fewer cars on the roads is restorative for our planet’s ecosystem. 

Cons include: An increase in misunderstandings from online communication, a lack of teamwork and community, and the struggle to mentally separate home and work. Home used to be the place where a lot of people would come to rest from work, but now the office is right next to your bedroom. 

Covid-19 is uncharted territory for everyone, and it’s up to each company to make the best decision for their employees and business needs. As the future continues to hold a lot of uncertainties, we can find a collective comfort knowing that we are all figuring this out together.


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