Making the Most of your Virtual Estimates during the Pandemic

Woman photographing trees through smart phone

A new way of working

Everyone is finding new ways of working during the coronavirus pandemic. Alliant Studios is currently teleworking and learning new ways of working as a team. Google Hangouts, Zoom meetings, Slack and Microsoft Teams are now daily tools for client and team interactions.

We have also noticed the services we use in our professional and personal lives have changed. For example, estimates for home services are now virtual. We are showing arborists our trees and yards over Apple FaceTime. Videoing the exterior parts of our home to painters over Google Duo. Taking photos of our exterior HVAC units and emailing them to repair companies.

Alliant Studios has some ideas for virtual estimate efficiency…

Comprehensive Intake Forms

We all fill out Free Estimate request forms on websites. Typically the amount of information needed to get a worker to come out to your home or business is minimal. We have pushed this approach with our clients in the past, because getting that simple lead was the number one goal. However, the marketplace quickly changed. Client safety is now priority.

As stated before, in order to maintain social distancing and comfort with potential clients, we are doing virtual estimates. But how can we make the most from a virtual estimate? We are finding that comprehensive intake forms are a great place to start. Don’t be afraid to ask your clients for more information before scheduling a virtual estimate. Some examples would be:

  • Request photos: Alliant Studios can create forms with multiple image upload fields. Ask your clients to take and upload as many photos as possible. The photos can even be uploaded from a smartphone. Any potential complication areas should be given extra attention during the virtual estimate.
  • Educate your potential client: Do not be afraid to add example images to your free estimate form. These images will educate your potential client on certain pitfalls that could come up during the virtual estimate.
  • Connecting: Give your clients multiple options for connecting virtually. Get their virtual meeting software preference and ask them for their username during the free estimate request.
  • Custom solutions: If your industry is specific, then it most likely has specific needs. Alliant Studios will custom develop a form that fits your needs and helps expedite virtual estimates.

These tools will continue to help efficiency after the pandemic

Eventually, social distancing will end. However, will the way we live and work return to normal? That’s hard to tell right now. However, any additional work done to intake forms is future proofed. Maybe your client will want you to physically come out for the free estimate. Perhaps your potential client will continue to want a virtual estimate. Either way, your estimate form will be good to go.

Alliant Studios is ready to develop custom solutions for your service. Just fill out our contact form.



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